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Save the Dates – Summer 2020 PD


Are you interested in attending Summer PD?  The following professional learning options will be held in the Summer of 2020 ($40/hour stipend and SCECHs will be available).  

Registration and additional information are on the way!


June 16 & 17 Math workshops – Topics include backward design, problem solving with tape diagrams, engaging students in math and building a math mindset – half day sessions

June 17-18 Science – using the Achieve rubric to select and develop lessons for your classroom – 2 days

June 22-23 Technology – Dearborn Moot – The Dearborn Moot is an exciting and engaging conference for educators interested in applying e-learning (iLearn).  Learn the skills necessary to turn YOUR classroom into a Blended Learning Classroom. (No Stipend available, SCECH’s awarded) – 2 days

August 18-19 Technology – Dearborn Moot – See above.



June 15 – MS teachers – pacing of instruction and curriculum resources – half day session

August 18-19 MS & HS teachers – Reading Apprenticeship (RA) cohort – 2 days

June 15 – MS teachers- development of power standards and supports for all learners – half day session

June 24 HS teachers – learning to use the new math program – repeats on August 26

July 14, 16, 22 HS teachers – incorporating essential math practices into classroom instruction – half day sessions

August 26 HS teachers – learning to use the new math program – a repeat of June 24 session


June 17-18 MS & HS teachers – using the Achieve rubric to select and develop lessons for your classroom – 2 days


June 22-23 MS & HS teachers – Dearborn Moot – 2 days –  The Dearborn Moot is an exciting and engaging conference for educators interested in applying  e-learning (iLearn). Learn the skills necessary to turn YOUR classroom into a Blended Learning Classroom. (No Stipend available, SCECH’s awarded)

August 18-19 MS & HS teachers – Dearborn Moot – See above

Updated Handwriting Policy

Did you know that Dearborn Public Schools has had a Handwriting Policy since 2012? Last spring, the PreK/K Committee worked on updating the policy and the updated Policy was approved by the ELA Committee, Elementary Principal Forum and Curriculum Council this fall.

The biggest change is that all schools (grades K-5) will be using the Zaner-Bloser style for manuscript and cursive handwriting instruction. Many resources for Zaner-Bloser are available online, including YouTube instructional videos.

Students in grades K-5 should continue to receive at least 5 minutes of daily handwriting instruction. These minutes are included in the ELA curriculum time allotments.

Check out the updated policy for more information. This information is also available on DEC.

Dearborn PreK- 5 Handwriting Policy

New Resources available on Discovery Education site

As you are settling into the school year, continue searching out the exciting updates of the Discovery Education Experience (formerly Discovery Education Streaming)! In addition to personalizing your space, be sure to check out the content, creation tool Studio and the compelling content available at your fingertips.  

Going into October, we encourage you to explore these three quick ways to make the most of your Discovery Education Experience:

  • TRENDING: Explore the latest and newest content from Discovery Education through the TRENDING link on your homepage. From timely content, like resources for Hispanic Heritage Month, to a curated list of our most popular channels, including Spanish Language Resources, there are resources here for everyone. Explore Now>>
  • LITERACY: With the goal of literacy being the ability to understand and to be understood, Discovery Education provides resources that support both comprehension and communication. Our Hot Topics page provides practical literacy connections, including our Top 10 SOS list and a printable handout, for you to use and share. Dive In>>
  • CHANNELS: Featuring resources curated by curriculum experts, learn more about Channels on Discovery Education’s most-searched topics.  Learn More>>

Dearborn Public Schools provides a free subscription to all district educators. A link is also available on DEC. To log in click on “Sign in with Google”

Discovery Education Sign In

Detroit Red Wings Teacher Event

WHAT: Red Wings’ STEM Workshop for Teachers

WHEN: September 26th at 5:00 – 7:00pm

WHERE: Little Caesars Arena 

WHO: Educators in grades 3-8 

WHY: Learn how to integrate Hockey Scholar  + how it aligns with Core Standards, learn about hands-on activities from other educators, access to student + teacher opportunities such as field trips, tickets, and more! 

HOW: Use this link to register.

Resources for Constitution Day

Constitution Day, which commemorates the signing of the Constitution of the United States on Sept 17, 1787, is officially known as Citizenship Day. It’s an important distinction because all citizens are affected by and responsible to uphold the constitution. Take the opportunity to highlight the history and evolution of the document that influences so much of our daily lives and access to justice and liberty by participating in this Virtual Viewing Party and the activities that accompany it.

Use the resources available in Discovery Education (available under Global or Additional Resources in DEC) or this link to find videos to use with your students:

Find additional teaching resources for Constitution Day 2018 here:

Jeanane Charara Joins National Science Peer Review Panel

Congratulations to Jeanane Charara, Dearborn’s elementary science resource teacher, who was recently accepted as a peer reviewer on Achieve’s Science Peer Review Panel. Out of over 200 applicants from 39 states, DC and international locations, Jeanane demonstrated extensive knowledge of the NGSS and a critical eye for high-quality and materials designed for the NGSS. Jeanane will join the network of roughly 50 passionate educators on the Science PRP with whom she can build a powerful community and share ideas and resources.

The Science PRP was created by Achieve in fall 2016 to evaluate lesson sequences and units designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and share high quality examples online. One of the biggest challenges to NGSS implementation around the country is a lack of high-quality instructional materials designed for the NGSS. The Science PRP addresses the problem of the insufficient examples of science materials by evaluating free and publicly available materials with the nationally-respected EQuIP Rubric for Science, identifying high quality examples, and posting them publicly for the education community—both teachers and publishers—to see what materials faithfully designed for the NGSS actually look like.

To learn more, check out the Science Peer Review Panel website.

Say Yes to Recess

We are on the right track with recess everyday with our students.  Learn more about the benefits of recess on elementary students:

from the website

Say “Yes” to Recess

Allison Behne

Research shows that children need recess. Yet withholding recess is often used as a punishment for less than expected behavior. However, punishments are not effective strategies for managing behaviors. In fact, when I try to think of a classroom behavior that would warrant the removal of a recess, I struggle to find one.

I believe that children generally want to do well and follow expectations. They need us to give them the benefit of the doubt and support them in their quest to do right. Will there be times the behavior is intentional? Yes. And when that happens, we can confer about the behavior we are noticing, figure out what is causing it, and have the consequence be directly related.

Think about the following scenarios:

  • A student who gets so excited about what he is learning that often when he has the opportunity to collaborate, he gets a little loud. He is usually not off task or obnoxious, but his voice carries. Can he be reminded about his voice level? Absolutely. Should he miss recess because of it? No.
  • The classroom that was declared “out of control” when many students were talking and unfocused. Were they all out of control? If they were, why? It may be time to reflect on classroom management and revisit some instructional practices.
  •  A student who during quiet work time answered a question a peer asked. She didn’t want to go against the expectations, and she didn’t want to ignore her classmate. What should she have done? She may need coaching to help her know what would be considered desirable behavior if she finds herself in that situation again.

It takes more effort on our end to get to the root of the behavior, but the final result is happy students who don’t miss the chance to be physically active, socialize, and reset their brains for more learning. “No recess for you” should turn into, “Enjoy recess and return to class prepared to learn.”

Interested in reading more on the benefits of recess? Here are a few articles and a short book to get you started.

Is Recess Important for Kids or a Waste of Time?

7 Things to Know About School Recess

The Importance of Recess: Why Schools Need More Play Time

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